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karelian pine

KELO Arctic Pine - what is that?

In the harsh climatic conditions of North Karelia, near the Arctic Circle, at latitude ± 66 ° 33’44 “, passing through the territories of Russia and Finland, there is an exceptional zone of pine forests with an area of about 9.5 million hectares.
Those trees in Finland came to be called “Kelo”, in Russia – “Arctic Pine”. This unique material has found a special application in the construction industry thanks to its perfect properties.


The trunk of the Karelian pine is very hard and durable, tempered with time and harsh weather conditions. It takes between 200 – 400 years to fully develop the trunk, and it reaches a diameter of 25 to 60 cm. In harsh weather conditions, for hundreds of years, pine trees dry up at the root, the wood becomes harder and the bark falls off.
The shade of the trunk resembles silvery ash on the outside and amber on the inside.

The important features

Kelo Pine - a rare and reliable resource

Drought-resistant Kelo pine, which originates from the picturesque forests of Karelia and the Arctic regions of Russia, it is considered the best ecological material for the production of cottages.

In addition to the unique appearance, the colour of the wood turns into noble grey shades and shimmers in the sunlight; at home it creates a unique comfort, which is supplemented by a subtle wooden scent for long years.

What is drought-resistant wood?

It is commonly believed that it is a tree that is dry at the root, meaning that as a result of natural processes such trees lose their bark. Drying can impact both individual trees and entire groups. Sometimes it happens that this process covers entire centuries-old forests.

Karelian pine tolerates harsh climatic conditions, thanks to which it gains some valuable properties: increased density and resistance to the most unpredictable climate changes.

Where does the high-quality Kelo Pine grow?

It grows not only in Karelia, but also in Lapland, deep in the Arkhangelsk region. Usually, pine trees grow is in the most inaccessible surroundings: from swamps to the places where humans have not set foot for a long time.

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Warmth and cosiness attract customers interested in choosing Kelo dry pine as a construction material for their country houses or bathtubs. Thanks to the unique cutting method, the indoor space is draft-free and maintains a comfortable temperature.


Kelo pine wood is considered a truly ecological material because it does not require any treatment involving various chemical components. Dry pine is a brilliant work of nature.


The Kelo pine wood is considered by specialists to be one of the most durable natural construction materials in the world. The lifetime of a house depends on the quality of its assembly and installation of the building foundation.

No shrinking

Houses and Bathhouses constructed from dry Karelian pine practically do not shrink after construction has been completed. Interior decoration can be started immediately after the construction phase, without waiting for the shrinkage of logs.